Join FCCLA + Start a Chapter

Joining FCCLA or starting an FCCLA chapter at your school is one of the best decisions you can make! FCCLA is an international network of over 150,000 student leaders and millions of alumni members. 

Joining an Existing Chapter 

If your school currently has an FCCLA chapter, and you are currently or have taken a Family and Consumer Sciences course, then reach out to your local FACS teacher and/or FCCLA adviser. Share with them your interest in getting involved and ask them how to join. The FCCLA adviser will connect you with chapter leaders who can help you begin your incredible journey as an FCCLA member and leader!   

Starting an FCCLA Chapter at your School 

If your school does not currently have an FCCLA chapter, then consider starting a chapter! The first step is to establish and affiliate an FCCLA chapter. To help you get started, contact the Alabama FCCLA State Adviser, Jennifer Adams. She will help you affiliate and introduce you to the tools and resources to maximize your FCLA experience! 

Esther Hicks
Alabama FCCLA State Adviser

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