FCCLA's national programs connect to classroom instruction to make FCCLA a relevant part of students learning. FCCLA offers lesson plans and activities for each national program to assist teachers in integrating national programs into their classroom.  

National Programs 

  • Career Connection - Learn how to explore career pathways and skills for success in families, careers, and communities. 

  • FACTS - Put the brakes on impaired driving and traffic crashes. Through peer education help your friends arrive alive and lower the number one cause of death for youth in America. 

  • Families First - Discover how you can strengthen family relationships through FCCLA's national peer education program, Families First. 

  • Financial Fitness - Manage your money! Use this program to help you make, save, and spend your money wisely to be financially fit. 

  • Leadership Service in Action - Take Action in your community and discover the difference you can make. 

  • Power of One - Give yourself the power to make a positive change in your families, careers, and communities, one goal at a time. 

  • Stop the Violence - Empower youth with attitudes, skills, and resources to recognize, report, and reduce youth violence. 

  • Student Body - The Healthy You, The Fit You, The Real You, and The Resilient You. 

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National Outreach Program 

Each year Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc (FCCLA) establishes a National Outreach Project with a partner organization to reach to the community and help work towards a cause. FCCLA's National Outreach Project is a national community service activity that gives members the opportunity to make a united impact concerning a need that the National Executive Council decides to address. The goal of this project is to have each student get actively involved in making a difference by uniting together with the National Outreach Project. FCCLA wants members to see and know first hand that even a small effort made by many can have a huge and positive impact on others. 

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National Recognition 

FCCLA recognizes its members and advisers for their outstanding dedication and achievement through a variety of recognition programs. Student recognition programs include: 

  • STAR Events 

  • FCCLA / LifeSmarts Knowledge Bowl

  • Power of One 

  • National Program Awards (chapter recognition)