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Rush Week

Alabama FCCLA is excited to announce the details for Rush Week (October 3-7, 2016)! 

Goals of Rush Week 

  • Increase membership by 5 members. This focuses on adding at least one new member each day of rush week. 
  • Promote your program throughout your school and community. 
  • Complete one community service project during rush week. 


Rush Week Schedule 


  • FCCLA State shirts or chapter shirts 
  • Pass out Mints with saying “You were ‘mint’ to be in FCCLA” 


  • Career Wear
  • Pass out Nestle Crunch Bars with saying “Crunch into your future with FCCLA”


  • FCCLA spirit day
  • Pass out Airheads with saying “Don’t be an Airhead; Join FCCLA”


  • Spread the Red day
  • Pass out Smarties with saying “Be a Smartie and join FCCLA”


  • School Colors
  • Pass out Pop Rocks with saying “FCCLA Rocks! Be a member”

Participating schools will be entered into a drawing to win $100 at the State Leadership Conference and the school with the most new affiliations will also be awarded $100.00 at State Leadership Conference!

Make sure to share updates throughout the week with Alabama FCCLA on Facebook and Twitter!

Report via email the successes of the week utilizing the rush week form by January 20, 2017 to Jennifer Adams at [email protected].

Click here to download the Rush Week Flyer.