FCCLA's conferences and events are where our mission comes to life! While attending conferences and events, members have the opportunity to expand on their Family and Consumer Sciences education through industry connections, peer-to-peer networking, competitions, and recognition.  

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Joint Leadership Development Conference  

With more than 6,000 students, educators, industry leaders, administrators and counselors attending, Alabama’s Joint Leadership Development Conference is the largest non-athletic joint gathering of students in the Southeastern United States for an educational purpose. The goal of JLDC is to build Alabama’s career and college ready workforce with employability skills, leadership training, exposure to Alabama’s career opportunities, and direct connection to current industry leaders.  

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Capitol Leadership

Capitol Leadership allows youth from across the country to join together in our nation’s capitol to participate in various leadership trainings which are designed to enhance their leadership skills, give them the opportunity to meet with elected government officials, and develop necessary advocacy skills that will help them be stronger leaders on both the state and local levels.

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National Cluster Meetings  

Each Fall, FCCLA members have the opportunity to gather over two weekends to explore new leadership skills, make new friends, grow as an organization, and have some fun in two great cities across the nation. 

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State Leadership Conference  

Mark your calendars for the greatest Alabama FCCLA event of the year: The State Leadership Conference! Compete in STAR Events, elect your new State Officer Team, participate in on-site outreach projects, and much more. 

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National Leadership Conference  

Each summer, FCCLA members from across the country gather to network with fellow members, attend FCCLA program workshops and leadership sessions, and compete in STAR Events. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to participate in the ultimate leadership experience. 

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